Excursions / Culture / Local Encounters

Meet the locals in their daily environment

FULL DAY *** INCLUDED • Transfer • Guide • Lunch

During this special day, you will meet local people and learn their trade and way of life. Meet Rajcoomaree, a pensioner who shares her “dholl puri” (pancakes stuffed with split peas) recipe.

Then pay a visit to a seamstress, to discover her dress models while drinking some fresh homemade tamarind juice.

Moving to Phoenix, Premila shows you how traditional chutney is made and gives a demonstration of how to cook “samoussa”.

After lunch at the Bhowany’s, the trip continues to Rose-Hill to visit a Tamil temple with some free time for shopping and sightseeing.


Be part of a culinary journey embraced by the local culture. For lunch enjoy a typical Indian meal consisting of seven curries served on a fresh banana leaf.