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An insight into the making of tea & banana chips

FULL DAY *** INCLUDES • Transfer • Morning Breakfast • Guide • Lunch • Entrance Fees

We head off to Bois Chéri for a truly unique experience – as a genuine tea plucker. The day’s trail begins with a delicious breakfast. We then head off to the tea field for the plucking of tea leaves. After selecting choice tea, we head down to the Tea Factory for the processing of the of our crop of
tea leaves.

Armed with this age old knowledge, our group of explorers then visit the magnificent environment overlooking Le Lac des Cygnes at the Domain to take in the scenery.
A typical tea based lunch then follows at Le Bois Chéri Restaurant.
After Lunch, a visit to the Maubon Banana Chips Factory will conclude the day. This immerses us in the transformation of the humble Banana plant into tasty chips, before heading back to the hotel.