Green Times

SummerTimes is committed to bring its valuable contribution to the island’s sustainable development and welfare, in line with our organisation’s beliefs and values, and do participate actively with the Tourism Authority in the sustainable initiatives.

We care in preserving biodiversity by

Supporting the following organizations and their projects:

  • The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) in its Ile Aux Aigrettes programme by offering a donation for every participant joining our excursions to the islet
  • Nature Reserves in their ‘ Plant a Tree ’ programmes as an effort to compensate for our Carbon emissions
  • We no longer offer flower garlands for groups

We take care of our local community by

  • Sponsoring the orphanage ‘Crèche Coeur Immaculée de Marie’
  • Providing our aid to Caritas for ‘Abri de Nuit de St Jean’ for the homeless. Organising a Christmas Event for underprivileged children every year.
  • Giving to those in need items we no longer use such as computers and printers etc.
  • Thanks to our donations in 2019 and 2022, Caritas was able to provide an IT courses for adults and children
  • Supporting local artisans by including them in our proposed experiences
  • Supporting NGO’s such as Beautiful Local Hands and BazArt Kreasion who provide a platform to promote local craftsmanship
  • Maintaining continuous dialogue with local stakeholders

We care about experiences we offer by

  • Creating a selection of Sustainable tours
  • Continuously reviewing and adapting our classic excursions in an effort to reduce our footprint on the environment.
  • Aiming at the preservation of our local culture and heritage in our offerings.
  • Conducting regular audit of our suppliers, focusing on continuous innovation and adjustment
  • Banning swimming with Dolphins tours, encouraging to watch them in their natural habitat instead.
  • Integrating Mauritian heritage and UNESCO sites in our itineraries

We care for our offices and staff by

  • Providing constant training aligning with our sustainable journey and culture
  • Investing in new technologies and digital platforms, thus reducing considerably our paper consumption
  • Investing and incorporating hybrid vehicles into our fleet in 2022/2023
  • Using solar water heaters and Eco Friendly LED lights
  • Making rational use of water
  • Recycling plastic, paper, cardboard, used tyres and car batteries
  • Sending old phones and batteries to Mauritius Telecom for recycling
  • Following closely on fuel consumption of our vehicles
  • Having a clear anti-corruption policy with zero tolerance


  • We are working on processes to harvest rainwater for vehicles’ cleaning
  • Integrate additional sustainable criteria in our suppliers’ audit