Hug with Nature

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Visit this sanctuary of rare Ebony trees, habitat for endangered birds like the Kestrel, Echo Parakeet, and Pink Pigeon with an Eco-Ranger, and plant an endemic sapling or sow seeds.

At “Kaz’alala”, nestled amidst a carved-stone historical cottage, enjoy a traditional-Mauritian cuisine, made of fresh local products.

The day continues to the World of Seashells, a museum whose objective is to sensitize people on the importance of seashells in the food chain and preservation of the marine eco-system.

The next stop is at a recycling plant to learn how used glass bottles are recycled for construction companies and local artisans, supporting the local economy.

Then meet with Francesca in her workshop, where bio-degradable palm plates are made. Some local restaurants have started to collaborate with her to promote sustainable products.

Hiking Tamarind Falls

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Located in the southwestern part of the island, the Tamarind Falls commonly known as “Sept Cascades” (Seven Waterfalls), is one of Mauritius famous hikes. This experience can be done as a half day or a full day, under the guidance of an experienced trekker guide. From one waterfall to the other you can expect different sceneries throughout the hike.

Not suitable for people with back & heart problems, mobility impairments, vertigo and recent surgeries.

Hiking Black River Gorges

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This easy to moderate hike through the forest will bring you along Petrin trail, to the edge of the Black River Gorges, one of the largest nature parks in Mauritius. It is home to different endemic, indigenous and exotic plants.

Not suitable for people with back & heart problems, mobility impairments, vertigo and recent surgeries.

Bel Ombre Nature Reserve

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Discover the unique UNESCO Bel Ombre Biosphere through a trek with a ranger or enjoy the wild panoramas on quads or buggies. You can also sit back and relax whilst an experienced guide drives you through the reserve in a 4×4. Take some time for yourself and your family by enjoying a unique picnic experience, fully immersed in tropical vegetation.

E-Bike _ Wine at Takamaka

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Join us on this electric bike itinerary in the Southwest of Mauritius.

Start at the summit, with a cup of locally made coffee while enjoying the panoramic view. Visit the Saint-Anne Chapel and learn about its history including a stop at a former sugar factory en route. Visit the Seven Coloured Earth and stop at the Waterfall for a well-deserved rest. Spend some time in Baie du Cap before seeing the monument erected in honour of the shipwrecked Australians.

End the ride with a traditional lunch and a unique Lychee wine experience at the Takamaka winery.

*Other bike itineraries around the island are also available.

Le Morne Mountain Hike & Climb

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Discover the majesty of UNESCO site Le Morne Brabant on this adventurous guided mountain hike and climb your way to 465 metres above sea level.

Once there, you will admire the amazing views of turquoise lagoons and lush mountain ranges stretching out in front of you.

On this 4-hour hike & climb, you will learn about the folklore and myths around the history of this mountain.

Not suitable for people with back & heart problems, mobility impairments, vertigo and recent surgeries.

Islet Escapade

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From Pointe Jérôme on the south-east coast, a shuttle boat will take you to the 27-hectare nature reserve of Île-aux-Aigrettes.

Managed by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, where you will also find endemic and indigenous plants such as Bottle palms and Ebony trees. The day continues on Île des Deux Cocos.

After refreshments, visit the Follies, built 100 years ago by British Governor Sir Hesketh Bell.

Then, discover the protected Marine Park of Blue Bay on a glass-bottom boat or by snorkelling. After lunch, the island is all yours to explore at leisure.


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Discover the island’s most beautiful landscapes out of reach areas. The helicopter flies you over endless sugarcane fields; unusually carved mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls and valleys; white beaches, a transparent lagoon, coral reefs and the islets off the coast; towns and historical buildings. The “underwater waterfall” is a unique harmony of shades, an optical illusion which has won many admirers across the world.

Casela Nature Parks

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Casela is a popular leisure and attraction park of Mauritius offering a variety of fun activities to individuals and families.

The park spans over 350 hectares and is divided into 5 zones, each with its own unique characteristic.

The 5 zones are Thrill Mountain, Predator Kingdom, African Safari, Pangia Birds and Rides.

Kayaking Mauritius

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Kayaking at Ile d’Ambre

Led by a guide, paddle through the mangroves of Ile d’Ambre, visit the ruins and forest of this islet and discover its history. Learn about the mangroves and its role in the marine ecosystem.

Kayaking at Tamarin Bay

Paddle upstream, to discover the two main arms of the Tamarin River. On one side the Rempart and the Trois Mamelles mountains, and on the other, La Tourelle.

You may encounter ducks, long billed birds, flying foxes or monkeys. In the bay, there are high chances to come across dolphins before they head out to the open water.